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Lentate sul Seveso

Church of San Vito Martire

The Oratory of St. Stefano, built as a funerary chapel by Count Stefano Porro, is a monument of the 1369 known for the fresco cycle consists of 43 panels of the Legend of St. Stefano.
The fa├žade of cooked brick and river pebbles is enriched with pilasters and heraldic symbols of the family buyer.

Sports facilities in the area:
GOLF 3 km

Groane Park

The Groane Park, established in 1976, covers an area of 3400 hectares. The park is home to a rich fauna and flora, has elements of geological interest, and contains many sites of great artistic and historical value and of industrial archaeology.
The real wealth of the park is the network of paths for bicycles and on foot.

Brughiera Briantea Park

The park was established in 1984 to protect areas of woodland and meadows. The protected area now reach approximately 2600 hectares. There are numerous cycling path and pedestrian that branch in the protected area which allow the discovery of unexpected environments in a territory so heavily man-made.

Lura Park

The Lura Park was born in 1995 and now covers an area of 24 hectares where, walking alongside the stream Lura, meet hundreds of acres of woods, quiet, animals free to run and fly, votive chapels and old farmhouses.